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Safety Policy

At MDI Electrical Construction Inc., the safety of our employees, customers and fellow tradesmen is of the utmost importance. We place the same emphasis on safety whether the project requires a single technician or multiple crews and/or shifts.

Every MDI employee receives mandatory safety training and is provided with protective equipment and a copy of the MDI Safety Manual. All employees participate in Weekly Safety Meetings designed to raise safety awareness and highlight potential hazards on the job site.

Site Specific Safety Plans: Larger projects begin with a detailed site specific safety plan. Since every project can provide its own unique hazards, MDI carefully reviews each project and determines what course of action is best suited to provide the best overall plan for assured safety. We define our safety goals and responsibilities with our management team and crew. This program allows us to take action when needed to protect our as well as our client’s employees.

Experience Modification Rating (EMR) measures worker compensation claims. Maintained exclusively by the insurance industry, EMR is the objective measurement of each employer’s claims experience. The published manual rate for each state is multiplied by the employer’s EMR to determine the premium rate paid by the employer. An EMR below 1.00 indicates that the employer will pay premiums below the manual rate.

As a result of MDI’s exceptional safety program, MDI has maintained a long history of exceptionally low EMRs.

Drug-free Workplace

MDI Electrical Construction is committed to providing a safe and drug-free workplace. As a member of the I.B.E.W. and the Drug-Free Alliance, all employees are subject to random drug testing.

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