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History of MDI Electrical

MDI Electrical Construction Inc. was founded in 1992 as a full service electrical contractor with a concentration in telecommunications and mission critical power infrastructures. MDI has built a first-rate reputation for quality installations and timely service which, in turn, fueled exponential growth. The majority of MDI’s business comes either as repeat business or by recommendation, an impressive record for a company that spends no money on advertising. MDI was recognized in INC 500 Magazine in 1998 as the 160th fastest growing company in the U.S.

MDI was positioned to take advantage of the divestiture of the Bell monopoly and deregulation for competitive telecommunication startups. As business grew we recognized a need from our customer’s desire to implement standardized cabling and power topology infrastructures on both a nationwide and global basis. Though the main thrust of our business is in northeast Illinois, we have completed projects in approximately 35 states, Canada, Singapore, and London. The list of companies we have performed standardized designs and/or retrofit rollouts for is a virtual who’s who in telecommunications, internet and IT providers.

In January 2002, with years of experience in telecomm and power deployments under their belt, MDI started a division which provided internet service to multi-tenant properties. MDI continues to provide infrastructure design build services to multitenant properties, both new and retrofit, today. In the past 5 years we have installed phone, data, security, card access, and AV services in excess of 6,000 apartment units.

For years, MDI has provided design build services for both power and telecomm infrastructures for the brokerage/trading industry. More recently with the advent of high frequency and electronic trading, when milliseconds make the difference, the infrastructures must be built to be both 5 - 9’s of reliability and uptime. Among others, MDI has provided multi-city collocation rollouts for (2) of the top five high frequency traders in the US.


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