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Volt - unit of electrical potential or motive force - potential is required to send one ampere of current through one ohm of resistance

Ohm - unit of resistance - one ohm is the resistance offered to the passage of one ampere when impelled by one volt

Ampere - units of current - one ampere is the current which one volt can send through a resistance of one ohm

Watt - unit of electrical energy or power - one watt is the product of one ampere and one volt - one ampere of current flowing under the force of one volt gives one watt of energy

Volt Ampere - product of volts and amperes as shown by a voltmeter and ammeter - in direct current systems the volt ampere is the same as watts or the energy delivered - in alternating current systems - the volts and amperes may or may not be 100% synchronous - when synchronous the volt amperes equals the watts on a wattmeter - when not synchronous volt amperes exceed watts - reactive power

Kilovolt Ampere - one kilovolt ampere - KVA - is equal to 1,000 volt amperes

Power Factor - ratio of watts to volt amperes

Q-What does AC/DC Stand for?
AC/DC: AC stands for alternating current, and DC stands for direct current.

Q-What does KW Stand for?
KW- Kilowatt (1000-watts)

Q-What does KVA Stand for?
KVA-Kilo volt amp -A kVA rating refers to the apparent power (units in kVA)

Q-What does PDU Stand for?
PDU: Power distribution unit, a device that distributes electric power. PDUs function as power strips for a data center and consume around 5% of the power in a typical center.

Q-What does PUE Stand for?
PUE: Power usage effectiveness is a reciprocal metric embraced by the Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency. PUE is the ratio of the total power going into a data center to the power used by the center’s IT equipment.

Q-What does CPL Stand for?
Critical Power Load (Critical Load): The usable electrical capacity at the data center floor and server cord. It does not include any ancillary load for cooling, lighting, common areas or other equipment.

Q-How do I Convert KVA to AMPS:
Multiply KVA by 1000/voltage

Example: 30 KVA multiplied by 1000v = 30,000 Watts 30,000 Watts divided by 480 = 62.5 AMPS (for 3 phase divide by 1.73)

Q-How do I Convert KW to AMPS:
Multiply KW by 1000/voltage and then by power factor

Example: 30KW multiplied by 1000v = 30,000 30,000 divided by 480 = 62.5 x .90 = 56.25amps (for 3 phase divide by 1.73)


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