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Steadfast Networks (Chicago)


MDI installed all aspects of the chloride UPS system. Our installation included Three 400kva UPS unit and two (6) associated battery cabinets. Two sets of 3” conduits & cable for the input of UPS #3. Two sets of 3” conduits & cable for the output of UPS are included for each line up. We provided conduit and wiring for the low voltage interconnects between equipment. MDI installed three (3) Power distribution units in data center space & provided the conduit and cabling between equipment. MDI tested and all cabling and components to industry standards.

MDI also furnished and installed a new generator feed connection from the roof of the building to the 6th floor electrical room. Five (5) – 3-1/2 Conduits where installed from the 10th story roof down to the 6th floor electrical room. Provided the 750mcm cabling and wire terminations in a custom built generator tap box

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