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Large Cellular Phone Company (Schaumburg)


MDI provided our customer with a comprehensive electrical system for their data center expansion. The new upgrades included two Com-ed utility services, two new switchboards, UPS systems and backup generation along with the associated downstream distribution transformers & panels.

Com-Ed Service:The installation included placement of two new 12.47KV Com-ed transformers and the conduit & wiring for the input to the new switchboards.

Main Switchboards:Delivery, installation & assembly of two new 3000 amp main switchboards. Switchboards incorporate integrated ATS, Tvss & manual tie breaker capability between the boards.

Generation: Placement and installation of two new 2MW Diesel Generators. MDI provided the installation of the feed conduits and cables to a new generator paralleling cabinet and final connections to ATS.

Load Bank:Installed the two independent 1MW load bank systems and load bank distribution board. We provided conduit and wiring for the load bank control system and interconnects between equipment.

UPS System:Our installation included two sets of two paralleled 750kva UPS unit and four (4) associated battery bank lineups. We provided conduit and wiring for the low voltage interconnects between equipment.

Power Distribution Units: Installed six (6) 500kva Power distribution units & provided the conduit and cabling between equipment. MDI tested and all cabling and components to industry standards.

Power panel transformers & distribution: The transformers and distribution for the lighting and general power and the 480v distribution for the mechanical feeds to the HVAC systems.

Interior Receptacle & Lighting Panels: Installed the conduit and feeds for the general lighting and receptacles panels

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